Welcome Home To Chron X

Use this guide to get up-to-speed. This page will be updated several times during the month of November 2005.
Last updated: November 11, 2005.

MWF Tournament Series
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm EST (2000 Server Time). The "Monday-Wednesday-Friday" tournament series is a great way to get together and compete against other players in a "casual-but-competitive" format.

Domain Challenge
Sunday November 13, 2005 — Noon EST (1200 Server Time). This is a special event where all of the cards in your deck must be of one domain (FUS, Nonames, Monastery, Corporate or UN).

Chron X Forums
Talk with the players of the game. Note that you must register through the forums to post, but anyone can read the forums.

Tech Support Page
This page contains the information we need to help you with tech support.

Configure a firewall for Chron X
If you are familiar with firewalls, just open ports 5666, 5667 and 5668. If not, this link will take you to the Chron X forums post which contains many ways players have helped each other configure their firewalls for Chron X.

Strategy Site
An ever-growing list of articles that can help you become a better Chron X player.