Legacy Chron X Tunnel (BETA)
We're working hard on developing the new web version of Chron X ("Chron X2"), which will run directly in a web browser, avoiding problems with firewalls or hardware routers. To make it easier to play the legacy Chron X client while we're working on CX2, we've put together a firewall-bypassing tunnel.

While we're making making great progress on development, we've know some people just can't wait, and want to get up and running now. The firewall bypassing tunnel works by creating a direct connection from your machine to a central Chron X server, allowing requests for games, trades, and other features of the legacy client to run uninterrupted.

This is BETA software: The legacy Chron X client was written in a time before firewalls were common, so bypassing them was never in it's scope.
When you are running the legacy Chron X tunnel, no other programs will be able to access the internet. This is a known limitation, and is necessary to allow Chron X to bypass your firewall.
Making the software work is a bit of a hack, and we can't guarantee it will work for you, but we will make every attempt. If you have a problem, please let us know. We'll certainly do whatever we can to try to help you out, but we're giving our primary focus to building and developing Chron X 2, which will make these problems vanish.

Chron X Tunnel for Microsoft Windows XP

Chron X Tunnel for Microsoft VISTA

Installation Instructions After downloading, double click to begin installation. The Guided prompts will walk you through each step of the installation process. During the install, the installer may give you a prompt about installing an unsigned driver. Click Proceed. This driver is a necessary part of the OpenVPN technology on which the Chron X tunnel is built.

After the installation is complete, you will have a new icon in your system tray, as highlighted to the right. Double click on the new icon to start the tunnel.

If you do not have the icon, you can start the legacy Chron X tunnel in your start menu.

A text box should come up on on the screen briefly, as the client connects. This will then dissapear, and the icon should change to a green version. The tunnel is now running, and you're ready to play Chron X.
When you're ready to disconnect, just double click on the green icon, then press the disconnect button. Your normal internet connection will resume.
If you are running Vista, you may be prompted what type of network you are connecting to. Choose home. Ignoring or closing this box will result in the tunnel not functioning for you.