Razorball Season Three
Six Saturdays, starting January 21, 2006
Games at 1500, 1600 and 1700 Server Time

A classic tournament format returns. Get some friends together and throwdown. Are you ready for Razorball?

Razorball is a series of tournaments that take place over six weeks. Each Saturday, teams of 4 compete against each other.

Week One rosters and schedules have been released.


  • Every player on every team that plays at least 12 matches (4 of the five weeks, fielding a full team each time) will receive a "Razorball Season 3 Survivor" card
  • The winning team will have their names put on the flavor text of the card.
  • Special "bounties" will be announced during the season for completing certain tasks during the event.
Last season's card: Card Front | Card Back
  • Teams can be made up of any four registered players. They do not need to be in the same faction.
  • Each player may only be on one team, and only one account in the league per player.
  • One person on the team is the captain. He or she is in charge of reporting match results to BSRD.
  • It is extremely important that the captain does not have any firewall problems, and that you do not have more than one firewalled player per team. You can have more than one, but at your own risk (see below).
  • The four players on the team are listed as 1 (Captain), 2, 3 and 4. Only Player 4 on each team may be firewalled.
  • Assuming two teams A and B, the games to be played are player 1A vs. 1B, 2A vs. 2B, 3A vs. 4B and 4A vs. 3B. (The 3 and 4 players swap so firewalled players do not meet.)
  • Firewall: If games cannot start because of double firewall issues, the home team is declared the winner of that game.
  • Time limites: Games have a 45 minute time limit. If the a player takes more than 27 minutes total during their turns, they lose the match. (At 27:01, they lose. In a close timing situation, BSRD may need to review both players' logs. Be sure to have them turned on!) If the game does not end before the time limit is reached, the game ends in a draw.
  • Banned cards: Distributed HQ on the Asia map. Any card that allows or forces a player to skip a turn for any reason.
  • Scoring: The Captain games are worth 2 points. Other games are worth 1 point each. In case of a tie, you split the points. Whichever team has the most points, wins the match.

The Captain is allowed to make up to one substitution per week. This may not be used to swap roster spots, but may be used to fill in for a missing player. Once a player is substituted out, they cannot return for the duration of the week. This rule is a bit harsh, but it is intended to prevent gamesmanship on the roster during the season. Once the rosters are made, they should stay that way.

The Captain may drop a player from the team entirely and replace that player with another. You may do this at most once per week, at least 48 hours before the start of that week's games. The replacement is made by posting into the public Razorball forum, as well as emailing support@chronx.com. Players released from one team are free to join another team (but may not be playoff-eligible, see the previous rule).


The Captain needs to assemble a team of at least 4 players. Email a team name (be original!), the username and user IDs of all four players and their positions to support@chronx.com. Make the subject RAZORBALL SIGNUP. Signups are scheduled to close on January 11, 2006.


The format and schedule are both scheduled to be posted on January 12, 2006. While many games will be Euro Open 40/4, other map, format and deck limit options will be used (including Highlander, 60/4, or maybe even World Overture-only 30/3. ANYTHING can happen.)