Razorball Season Three
Week One Rosters, Format and Schedule

We will schedule the rest of the season after this week. The schedule will reflect additional teams.

Team RCM
1: Longshadow
2: Oogy
3: Capowski
4: The Bus Driver (FW)
Alt: TBA
Syrtis Revenge
1: Sergio - EM
2: †Cobra†
3: Game Keeper
4: Cmdr Raptor
Alt: TBA
APPTAA Alliance
1: Chris McManus A.P.P.A
2: Verda Steleto
3: TAAdk
4: zer0render
Alt: Aurin
BSRD + Friends
1: BSR Mike Dreher
2: TBA
3: TBA
4: TBA
Alt: TBA


  • Europe Open 40/4.
  • Banned cards: Call To Action, No Peeking, anything that forces or allows someone to skip a turn.
  • Changed cards: Expect the FUS HQ (Republic of Texas) and Compound Interest combo to no longer work before the event starts.


Home team listed in bold orange. The home team wins any game that cannot be played due to a double firewall. If this is used to avoid a game, the entire team will be banned. (No gamesmanship allowed.)

  • 1500: Team RCM vs. Syrtis Revenge
  • 1500: APPTAA Alliance vs. BSRD + Friends
  • 1600: APPTAA Alliance vs. Team RCM
  • 1600: Syrtis Revenge vs. BSRD + Friends
  • 1700: Syrtis Revenge vs. APPTAA Alliance
  • 1700: Team RCM vs. BSRD + Friends


As a reminder, here is how the games are paired.

  • 1 vs. 1 — the Captain game. This is worth two points.
  • 2 vs. 2.
  • 3 vs. 4. Note that three and four swap to avoid firewall problems.
  • 4 vs. 3. Note that three and four swap to avoid firewall problems.

This team replaces the "bye" team in the schedule for now. The first three latecomers who want to play on a random team will be assigned to this team. BSR Mike Dreher will be the captain.