MWF Tournament Series
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays — 2100 Server Time

Here is your chance to win a new promo each month! All events are free of charge.

DayMap & Format
MondayAmerica Open
WednesdayAsia Open
FridayEurope Open
Tournaments are be four rounds of modified swiss pairings, meaning each round you are paired against someone with the same win/loss record. At the end of four rounds, the player with the best record is the winner! (Tiebreakers listed below.) Every event you play in will win you "MWF Tournament Series Points" which will earn you prizes:

November 200513 Jet Boy Alpha Go!
December 200514 Bion Assassin
January 2006?? Bion Assassin
Current Standings (PDF)

  • After the last day of each month, that month's current promo card is awarded. For every 20 MWF Points on someone's account, they are awarded a promo card and 20 points are deducted.
  • You cannot win more than 4 copies of any given promo card each month. If you somehow earn 100 or more points, only 80 will be deducted and only 4 cards will be given.
  • Unused points carry over to the next month.
  • Due to bookkeeping issues, you cannot "choose to keep your points." If you have more than 20 points, they will be converted into a promo card.
  • Blue Sky Red Design reserves the right to end this tournament series at any time. Leftover points may be used in a future event at our discretion.
  • You earn one point per match win.
  • If a player begins a turn with more than 30 minutes elapsed in the match, that player gets the final turn. If no one has won at that point, it counts as a loss for both players.
  • The winner of each event gets an extra point per every player who attend. (So, if someone wins a 20 player tournament, they'll receive 20 bonus points.) THESE POINTS ARE ONLY AWARDED IF THEY JUDGE THE NEXT EVENT.
  • Map: Changes each day. Distributed HQ is banned on the Asia map.
  • Deck: 40/4
  • Time limit: 30 minutes per round.

Be in the tournament room no later than 2059 Server Time. Have SIGNUP as the first word in your tag if you are ready to play, or SIGNUP FIREWALL if you can't accept challenges. The judge will make pairings and post them into the room.

NEW! You can enter the tournament late as if you had lost every round you had missed, so long as doing so will not cause an odd number of players in the tournament. (For instance, you can enter at round two with a 0-1 record.)



  • The person who won the previous MWF Series event is responsible for judging the next event.
  • If you win an event and do not judge the next one, your bonus points will be reduced to exactly 2 points.
  • If the first place player of an event doesn't show to judge, the second place player is required to judge and will score the remaining bonus points. That player MAY NOT PLAY the event if the first place player doesn't show up (even if the second place player does not judge.)
  • If the second place player also declines the judge, the responsibility falls to the third place, then forth place, and so on. If someone passes on their responsibility, they may not play that night's MWF Tournament Series event.
  • This setup is intended to share the responsibilities of judging Chron X tournaments among all players in the tournament.
  • Certain players may be barred from judging. If they are, they will receive zero bonus points for winning an event, and the judging responsibilities pass to the next player.
  • If the tied players played against each other during the event, whoever won that game is the winner, otherwise...
  • Whoever had the higher opponents win total, then...
  • Coinflip. It shouldn't come to this!
  • Any player who lost a game against any other tied player is eliminated. (If this would eliminate everyone, skip this step.)
  • Of the remaining players, whoever had the higher opponents win total is the winner.
  • If there is still a tie, flip a coin.