Domain Challenge 2005
Sunday November 13, 2005 — 1200 Server Time

The Monasteries have had control of the Domain Challenge long enough. It is time for a new domain to reign.

The tournament will be four rounds of modified swiss pairings, meaning each round you are paired against someone with the same win/loss record. At the end of four rounds, the player with the best record in each domain will advance to a single-elimination playoff.

Domain Challenge

  • Everyone who enters will receive a Domain Challenge card.
  • Domain Challenge will change to affect the domain of the winning player's deck.
  • Everyone who reaches the top four will receive a booster pack from Reboot and Corruption.
  • Map: Europe
  • Deck: 40/4 Open.
  • For this special event, Monastery cards are banned.
  • All of the cards in your deck must be of one domain. Your HQ may have no domain (but not a conflicting domain).
  • You must put your domain in your tag (FUS, Monastery, Corporate or UN). You may be paired against people in your domain, but those pairings will be avoided if possible.
  • Time limit: 30 minutes per round.

Be in the tournament room no later than 1159 Server Time. Have SIGNUP as the first word in your tag if you are ready to play, or SIGNUP FIREWALL if you can't accept challenges. The judge will make pairings and post them into the room.

NEW! You can enter the tournament late as if you had lost every round you had missed, so long as doing so will not cause an odd number of players in the tournament. (For instance, you can enter at round two with a 0-1 record.)



  • The players with the best record in each domain advance to the Final Four.
  • It is possible for the player with the second-best overall record to not advance to the finals. For instance, if "Player A" ends at 4-0 and "Player B" ends at 3-1 and both used the FUS domain, only Player A advances (ignoring other domains' records).
  • If the tied players played against each other during the event, whoever won that game is the winner, otherwise...
  • Whoever had the higher opponents win total, then...
  • Coinflip. It shouldn't come to this!
  • Any player who lost a game against any other tied player is eliminated. (If this would eliminate everyone, skip this step.)
  • Of the remaining players, whoever had the higher opponents win total is the winner.
  • If there is still a tie, flip a coin.