The world of Chron X is meant to be a fun and competitive environment. However, since it is a multiplayer game, by definition it requires multiple people to play together by a set of community standards. People who choose to ignore these standards negatively impact the experience for others, and such behavior will not be tolerated.

The following is a list of some of the activities that
are prohibited in Chron X:

  • Intentionally delaying a game by taking an unreasonably long time to complete turns.

  • Intentionally disconnecting from the Internet during a ranked game.

  • Attempting to force an opponent to accept a draw by harassing them, threatening to disconnect, etc.

  • Refusing to accept a draw when all cards are played and it is clear that you cannot win or make any more productive moves.

  • Refusing to concede when you need to leave the game prematurely.

  • Attempting to take advantage of a new player while trading or playing.

  • Entering into any agreement to unfairly advance someone's rank. This includes trading cards or other goods or services in exchange for wins.

  • Playing ranked games against oneself for any reason.

  • Use of obscene or abusive lanugage.

  • Impersonating any Blue Sky Red Design employee.

  • Impersonating another Chron X player.

  • Attempting to disrupt any Chron X chat area by entering repeated lines of text ('flooding') or in any other manner.

  • Making a blatantly offensive screen name or public tag.

  • Any attempt to modify Chron X in any way.

  • Misuse of the Report Feature of Chron X. Click here for more information on proper use of the Report Feature.
This list is subject to change. Blue Sky Red Design reserves the right to determine inappropriate activity and act upon it. The general rule of thumb that we employ and that we encourage the community to employ is: Common Sense, Maturity and Respect for Others.

While BSRD can help define the rules of conduct, it is up to you, the players to uphold them. It is also necessary that the community help us enforce these standards. Use of the Report Feature in Chron X is one way to help. Another is to make new players aware of that these rules exist.

Chron X chat, matchmaking, ranking, trading, and other online features are free services provided by BSRD on the condition that players follow the rules of conduct. Players who violate the rules may lose these online privileges completely or may be restricted to the UNRC Vostok chat room (stands for UN Rehabilitation Center at Vostok, Antarctica). Players in this chat room cannot enter or see normal chat rooms, are not ranked, and cannot participate in tournaments. They can still start games and trades, but only if other players are willing to enter Vostok knowing that anyone in that room may have violated the rules of conduct.

The Report Feature

The Report Feature allows players to alert Blue Sky Red Design when they suspect their opponent has cheated or violated the Rules of Conduct, or when the game appears to have a bug that interferes with game play. This feature is accessed by clicking the "Game" button and then the "Report" button while playing, and is automatically activated if you are disconnected from your opponent during a ranked game. When you use the Report Feature you will be able to transmit a short message to BSRD along with the game log. The log file will help us examine the specifics of the game and the problem.

The Report Feature should not be abused! While it should be used to help catch cheaters, overuse or frivolous use is frowned upon and may result in action against the abuser. Submitting a false report or using the Report Feature to avoid completing a ranked game is considered grounds for permanent revocation of online privileges.

Times to use the Report feature:

  • When you legitimately suspect your opponent of violating the Chron X Rules of Conduct.

  • If you have discovered a recurring bug in Chron X that crashes the software or impedes game play.

  • If the game does something exceptionally strange (e.g. a card behaves in a way that grossly contradicts how the card text says it should behave).

  • If you were instructed to use Report by a tournament administrator to upload the game log of a tournament match.

Times to not use the Report feature:

  • If you get occasional random Network Anomalies, do not report--a "Network Anomaly" simply means you and your opponent have lost the connection to one another and are trying to reconnect. If, however, you happen to get a Network Anomaly just as you were about to win and you think your opponent has disconnected to avoid a loss, then go ahead and report.

  • When a card behaves somewhat differently than you expected and you believe there may be a bug or problem with the card.

  • When you want to share personal opinions regarding a particular card or general gameplay.

  • When your opponent informs you that they need to walk away for 5 minutes to get a beverage (or the like). Of course, if they don't return approximately when they said they would and you've tried unsuccessfully for several minutes to get their attention, go ahead and report.

  • When you have a problem related to something other than Chron X.

 Overuse of this feature dilutes the effect of reporting by wasting time and resources. Please think twice before reporting!

IMPORTANT: After reporting a rules violation with the Report button, you must send a followup message to to make sure BSRD knows where to contact you for additional details and clarification. If you do not send this email, BSRD may not be able to resolve the incident and will not send any response to inform you of the outcome.

BSRD expects players to try to resolve conflicts with each other whenever possible, even after the Report feature has been used. For example, if a game is disconnected and one player was clearly losing, that player should start a new game with the same opponent and immediately concede. If the Report feature was used, the person who sent the report should email BSRD and explain that the problem was resolved.

Rules of Conduct Email Address

The email address for all questions or comments relating to the Rules of Conduct and use of the Report Feature is