Why register Chron X? We're working hard on developing the new web version of Chron X ("Chron X2"), which will transition the game to use in-game credits, rather than paying for cards.

While we're making making great progress on development, we've know some people just can't wait, and want to get up and running now. After you download the client and create an account, registering it will allow you access to a whole slew of features:

Global Ranking: Entry into the global Chron X ranking system and the option to play ranked games against other registered players.

Trading: Build your collection by securely trading cards with other registered players.

Booster Packs: The ability to enhance your card collection by purchasing additional cards in 15, 60, or 180 card booster packs.

Player Factions: The ability join one of the dozens of Chron X player factions, or you can start your own!

Chron X registration is free. There are no pay-per-play fees and no subscriptions. So what are you waiting for? Register Chron X today!

How to register Chron X: Download and install the game. Create a new unregistered character in the login screen. If you like the game, Register for free. Once you complete the registration form, you will be automatically emailed a registration code..

Once you get the email, enter the game, and hit the "Register" button in the lower right-hand corner of the game screen. Follow the directions in the email and you will be registered!

You can register for a legacy Chron X account, by going to Registration Page.