Rebuilding your Character

It is extremely important that you make a backup of your character file. You can do this by going into your Chron X directory and saving a copy of your Username.cxc file onto a floppy disk, or emailing it to yourself. (You shouldn't send it to other people, because they could then access your account.) For instance, if your username was Bingo, you would want to look for a file called "Bingo.cxc". If you don't have it, we can attempt to rebuild your account for you. Please remember that this is a service that we provide at no cost, but we do not guarantee that all accounts will be rebuilt. It is your responsibility to maintain a backup of your game software and character files.

In order to rebuild your account, we need to verify that you are who you say you are. There are two ways we can do that. Please note that the average turnaround time for rebuild requests is two weeks. Keep a backup!


An email from the original email address you entered when you registered. That will give you the rebuild code.


This method may or may not get you a rebuild code. We only give out rebuild codes through this method if we are SURE that you are who you say you are. To help us do that, we need as much of this info as you can give us.
  1. The email address you used when you registered
  2. Your physical address and zip code
  3. The day and time you registered. Most people don't have this memorized (of course) but if you have any idea, let us know.
  4. How much money you spent on your very first purchase
  5. Did you register through the web pages (very old method), through the game directly (old method), or did you purchase a registration code and get one emailed to you (new method)?
Send the info to Please note that the average turnaround time is two to three business days for rebuild requests.