Chron X Insiders

We have created a new monthly package for players as an extra way to say "thank you" to our frequent customers.

Chron X Insider is a program that costs $11/month to join. You are charged that amount when you join, and again on the 1st of each month. For that monthly fee, you get the following benefits:

  • An offercode worth $15 inside the in-game Chron X Store
  • A special Insiders Sealed account, only available to Insiders
  • First-look access to experimental features, including new tournament formats or Instant HQ cards or similar.
  • Other promotional items in the future.

You can purchase this item in the Chron X Store.


  • You will receive an offercode one time, worth $15.00 in the Chron X Store inside the game. This offercode doesn't store value: use all $15 at once or lose the remainder. You may only purchase up to $15.00 of cards using the offercode, and it can't be used as credit towards a larger purchase.
  • On or near the 1st of each month, your credit card will be charged and another Insiders code will be emailed.
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, send email to with the subject INSIDERS CANCEL and in the email, give your user id, username and SWREG order number.
  • Each month you'll also have a chance to enter a sealed deck tournament with an Insiders Sealed account. You do not own these cards, and they cannot be traded out of the account.
  • For January 2006, the sealed deck account contains a Reboot Megabox, Corruption Booster Box, Act Three Essentials, the new cards from Verify Preview #1 and #2 and extra random common bases.
  • You cannot use your Insiders $15 code on your sealed deck account.
  • You are allowed to play with the account as often as you like. There will be at least one, and usually two, sealed deck tournaments each month. A small prize is given to the winner of the tournament to keep on their regular account.
  • The January tournaments are Thursday 1/26 at 2000 Server Time and Sunday 1/29 at 1200 Server Time. The winner of each event will receive a $3 booster of their choosing or one of these promos: Jet Boy Alpha Go!, Bion Assassin, or Big Brothers.

The Insiders code will not give you "extra cards" that appear in some packs. For instance, if it were possible to purchase a Megabox, you wouldn't get the extra coins. Because of this, you do not get the Reboot and Corruption booster that comes along with a Verify Preview purchase. For that reason, they are listed as $9 in the in-game store and you may select two boosters manually to make up for it.