Chron X Act Structure

What are Acts and how do they affect the game?

Acts are the way we break the narrative of Chron X into smaller pieces. They also serve to round-out the game into smaller gameplay environments. This way, you do not have to have played the game since the beginning to have a shot at the top.

Act One features very powerful cards that have a dramatic effect on the game board. The game is fast and cut-throat, much like life in the world of Chron X. Popular decks include "Thalmann Speed" based around Distributed HQ and H. Thalmann, "Big Stupid Military" based around Napalm Strike, "Nuclear War" based around High Flux Nuke and "Tribunal" based around UN War Crimes Tribunal and many mechanical assets.

Act Two is intricate and nuanced. The cards are generally more complex and require a bit of finesse to get the most power out of them. While many of the high-end cards are more powerful than the ones in Act One they do require more effort to use.

Act Three is, so far, all about the programs, stealth and perception. The power level of programs have dramatically increased, to the point where program decks aren't just "interesting" but "powerful" and possibly even "dominant"! Stealth and Perception are key concepts to grasp as well, as few Act Three cards effect hidden assets.

What are the Acts in terms of the story?

Act One covers the first two years of the Chron X game -- 1st Edition, Overture and Ascension. In the first two sets we lay the foundation of the story by describing much of the game world -- who is in it, who matters, and why. The third set has the beginnings of the formation of a global consciousness -- a movement simply called "Ascension." We also learn about the mysterious "Failsafe AI" and the so-called "Angels" they produce.

Act Two covers the "middle period" of four years -- Defiance, Whiteout and Breakpoint. We learn of Katherine Carter, an excommunicated member of the Inner Circle. She has ties to Ascension, and was probably removed for that reason. We also learn of Jerald Ruge, another member of the Inner Circle, who is recruiting other members of The Body to find and capture her. Breakpoint is the final set of Act Two, and is being released in installments. At the end of the final installment we shall all learn about the final step towards Chron X.

Act Three covers the final chapter of Chron X -- Reboot, Corruption and Verify. The moon has crashed into the Earth, or so it appears. There should be 50 billion dead, and yet communication continues. How can this be possible?

What about the lack of common bases in Act Two?

You can use any common base in any game, no matter what the game settings are. This means that you can use the Defiance common bases in Act One games and the 1st Edition common bases in Act Two games. Every domain now has a common base of each resource type to use in any deck.